How to Apply

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine, in partnership with the Maine CDC and the Maine DOT, is working to launch Walking School Buses across Maine.  As not every school has the capacity, culture, or location to successfully support a walking program, the WSB Program’s application process is intended to help assess the suitability of your school for a sustained effort at launching a WSB.

Successful applicants will be eligible for technical assistance and up to $5000 per year in direct funding to pay for staff time to support the program (for more information about what schools receive with the program, see our About page).  After one year an evaluation of the program is required.  The support can continue for another year as long as all the requirements of the WSB Program are met.

The Application Process

Each fall the WSB Program will accept new applications. 2016 Application Deadline is November 17. Here is what to know about the process:

  1. Informational Conference Calls (recommended but not required): When the WSB Program application process is underway, participate in an informational conference call where you will hear details about the program and also be able to ask questions.  Update for Fall 2016: Sign up for Oct 20 or 25 Info Call here.
  2. Application:  See the 2016 Maine Walking School Bus Program Application. Our application process occurs each fall and this is the first step in a competitive process to be awarded funding.
  3. Timeline for Next Steps:
    1. If your school’s application is selected, the next step is a site visit that will include, a)  a meeting with the people who are interested in coordinating the program, and b) an assessment of the local roads and walking conditions within the “walk zone” around the school. You will be notified within seven business days after the application deadline as to whether your school has been selected for a site visit, or more information is required.
    2. After that site visit, you will be informed within seven business days as to whether your school has been selected for Maine Walking School Bus Program support.  If your school is selected, and agrees to the required contract (Memorandum of Understanding – see example here), the process will begin to launch a walking school bus program at your school the spring of that school year!

For more information about Walking School Buses and the Maine program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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