Online Toolkit

This Online Toolkit for the Maine Walking School Bus Program was developed to provide your local school and community with the information you need to launch, grow, and maintain a daily Walking School Bus (WSB) initiative.  These tools are a result of daily WSB work from elsewhere in Maine and across the country – special thanks to the PedNet Coalition in Missouri, the Iowa and Minnesota Safe Routes to School Programs, and the Arizona Dept. of Transportation for sharing materials.

Please feel free to use and modify these materials as you wish, whether or not your school’s program is funded through the Maine Walking School Bus Program (a partnership of Maine Center for Disease Control, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and the Maine Department of Transportation).

Feasibility of a Daily Walking School Bus Program for Your Site

Start-Up Tools for Formal, School-Based Walking School Bus Programs

  1. Organize Your School’s WSB Support & Team
  2. Your WSB Policies, Procedures & Budget
  3. Volunteers & Equipment
  4. Student Participants & Families
  5. Route Planning
  6. Timeline

Templates & Sources

For more information about Walking School Buses and the Maine program, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Other Resources


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