School WSB Support & Team

  1. To fully support the school’s WSB program, you will need to have a WSB Team/Committee to assist with ongoing community outreach, support and guidance as needed to the Walking School Bus coordinator. See WSB Team suggestions and guidance here.
    1. Outreach Plan:
      1. Person-to-Person – face-to-face visits with school staff, local organizations and businesses, etc.
      2. Online – school website, Facebook page, etc.
      3. Paper – Backpack mail, school newsletter, rack cards around community, etc.
      4. Local Press – Radio PSAs, community television, local paper(s)
  2. To handle the day-to-day operations of your WSB Program, you will need a  school-based Walking School Bus Coordinator.  This involves:
    1. Identify and Hire the WSB Coordinator – here is the job description and also best candidate recommendations for the Coordinator.
    2. Stipend: Pay the Coordinator a stipend for his/her work ($3,500-$5,000 per school year), similar to a coach.  The school or district should handle the payroll process for the WSB Coordinator’s stipend.
    3. Liability Coverage: Provide liability coverage to the WSB Coordinator and program – generally through the district umbrella for other school-sponsored programs.
  3. General School Resources & Support of WSB Program
    1. Volunteer Recruitment & Screening: Utilize the school or district’s volunteer recruitment staff (if applicable) to assist the Coordinator with recruitment and training of volunteers.  Also utilize the district’s criminal background check system to screen all volunteers involved with the WSB Program.  In addition, provide volunteer training space for the program.
    2. Behavioral Support: Provide the Coordinator with WSB student behavioral support – i.e., assisting the Coordinator with WSB behavioral or disciplinary interventions with students and families.
    3. School Space Access: Provide the Coordinator with office space, a mailbox, and access to the school phone.
    4. Front Office Assistance: Provide office staff assistance to the WSB Coordinator for minor administrative tasks and communications regarding WSB operations.
    5. Marketing & Registration Materials: Provide photocopying of WSB promotional & registration materials, as needed.
    6. Evaluation: Supporting the WSB Coordinator to implement the Parent Survey on Walking and Bicycling and pre- and post-program Student Travel Tally (both can be processed by the National Center for Safe Routes to School).  These are helpful for acquiring data to demonstrate long-term support for the program.
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