General Timeline for Program Implementation

Winter-Spring Timeline:

  • January – February: schools hire a WSB Coordinator, form a WSB Team & hold community workshop; WSB Coordinator training & ongoing tech. assistance
  • February – March: WSB coordinator recruits & trains volunteers, markets the program to students; pre-evaluation of program by state
  • March – April: students sign-up, routes are determined, WSB launches in late April; report due April 15
  • April – June (end of school): WSB program runs daily; WSB Coordinator & Team tweak program as needed; parent focus group conducted by state; Wrap-up daily program at school year’s end; report due June 15 or final day of school

Summer Timeline:

  • June: perform an evaluation on the program before funding continues and plan for any additional changes; make plans for late summer timing of WSB coordinator & team re-start of program
  • Late August: WSB Coordinator & Team re-start work: assess which volunteers returning; begin new recruitment of volunteers & students; determine re-launch date based on volunteers available
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